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Zhangjiang High-Tech Park
Room 706 No.12 Lane 825 Chenhui Rd. Shanghai , P.R.C. P.C.: 201203
Plant Address:
Zhouhang Haiyu Town,Changshu, P.R.C. P.C.: 215500
+86 021 38701681
+86 021 38701682

SAF will assist you with Stable quality and Competitive price
Desire to fill customer's requirement with best service and fast delivery

As a professional supplier and manufacturer of technical ceramic parts and components, we are providing wide range of Ceramic Produts: 90%-99.5%Al2O3, Toughened Alumina (ZTA), Steatite, Mullite, Cordierite. These materials may be used in applications that require wear or corrosion resistance, high temperature capability, or ceramic insulators for electrical resistance. We have the ability to develop new tooling to specifically suit your requirements as well.

At SAF, our goal is to help our customers find the best solution to their business challenges. As a customer, you can be assured that your concepts, blueprints, and processes are kept in strict confidence and strict control at all times.

We would be happy to quote you on what is necessary to design, or redesign, and supply you with the ceramic products you need. We are sincerely hoping to be your long-time partner which based on our best efforts.

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